My Daily Choice Products

Our team of expert consultants, entrepreneurs, and top formulators have produced the most revolutionary nutritional sprays on the market. The sprays help you to stay in good health and helps make you more energetic and boost your immune system. Also, with aging, there is a tendency of loss of vigor and vitality which is reduced by the sprays.

 So without using pills and tonics, you can be in fine health. You can either buy the sprays for your own consumption or as a distributor, i.e become either a customer or an affiliate.

Entrepreneurs from various parts of the globe can contact us for the products. The concepts of sprays are important because

  1.  The absorption of sprays by the body is 90% higher than pills and tablets.
  2.  40% of people all over the world have problems swallowing pills, so for them, the sprays are ideal.

Our range of products start from Peak, Boost, Shield, Sleep, Brain, and Trim365. We have six different types of nutritional health sprays that are made from antioxidant super-fruits and other extracts. The main ingredients of the sprays are herbal components like stevia leaf, aloe vera, yerba mate, fruit extracts like mangosteen, noni, acai berry, maqui berry, goji berry, raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia and also extracts like deer antler velvet, coral calcium, vitamin B12, valerian root Sensoril, and melatonin. Next, to an actual injection, there isn’t a NO more efficient way to put nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals into our system than a patented micronized nanospray technology delivery. Normal capsules and tablets give you only 15-20% absorption because it has to go thru the stomach and small intestine which is very acidic. The acid level is very high in the stomach so normally will break down the vast majority of whatever it is you’re ingesting. e.g. If you’re taking a 100mg of a particular ingredient, you’re lucky if you can get maybe 10-15% active in the blood system.

So what is more effective – to have 90% of the ingredient or 15% The Oral sprays have a spray pump which delivers the nutrients to the tissue lining under the tongue/inner cheek, which is easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Generally, sprays do not contain fillers or binders, which is not the case with pills. Common fillers include talcum powder, yeast, starch, and sugar. So when you take supplements in the form of pills, you are ingesting only 15-20% of its nutrients.

Benefits of Oral Sprays


  1.  Spray supplementation provides an absorption rate approximately nine times greater than that of pills. Once the formula is sprayed into the mouth, the nutrients reach the bloodstream within minutes.
  2.  No fillers or binders are added and the body receives only pure ingredients.
  3.  An alternative method of supplementation for those that cannot take pills, or simply do not enjoy swallowing pills.
  4.  Convenient administration – no water needed.